365 days ago, I was "laid off" from my job. First time in my career to ever be laid off but I don't look at this as some sort of negative notch on my resume. It has been an opportunity to learn, grow, reset and has allowed me to do and achieve more than I could have imagined.  

What I was able to accomplish in a year

  1. Travel and cross off some personal bucket list goals (finally got to see the Statue of Liberty, my first NFL stadium game... last NFL game I went to was Cardinals playing at ASU's stadium)
  2. Take my dad to his #1 bucket list trip, to see Ohio State vs Michigan home game (and win in double overtime!)
  3. Cross off my #1 bucket list career goal, working with the Super Bowl
  4. Cross off my #2 bucket list career goal, working with a major brand, Budweiser
  5. Surprise my Grandma with her first trip to NYC to cross off her travel bucket list (actual trip takes place in December)... there's still more to come with this trip that she doesn't know about yet. 
  6. Start my own business, ELVN Digital
  7. Speak at Social Media Marketing World
  8. Speak at Players Tribune Sports PR Summit
  9. Asked to be a guest speaker on two panels for the San Diego AMA
  10. Work with four sports brands/leagues/teams
  11.  Continue to mentor and work with some of the most brilliant people I know... either collaborating on projects, hiring people to work with me as a freelancer, mentoring, etc. 

Aside from this list of things I've accomplished, the one that means the most, is having the freedom and flexibility in my schedule to be able to give back to my community when it was needed most. I was able to do my work remotely while standing in line for 6.5 hours to give blood in support of #VegasStrong, Driving around until 4am picking up concert goers from Route 91 Festival and getting them to a safe place, working with my clients to bring hot meals to the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff /volunteers who had been up for 24 hours saving lives from the tragic October 1st event.

I've learned more than I can ever describe throughout this process. About myself, running a business, people, friends and family.  

Cheers to the rest of our lives,  making the best of every opportunity and taking life's curveballs and hitting a home run.