Almost 20 years ago, I sat on my friend Bernadette's bedroom floor trying to figure out what to do after high school. All my friends were going off to college and picking their majors while I'm over here thinking to myself, "How the hell are we supposed to know the answer to this at 17 years old?! We've barely had a real part time job". 

So I simply made a statement... "I don't know what I want to do...... I just want to be a part of something big.... like the Super Bowl or a Budweiser campaign or something." 

That was it. That was the first time I put my hopes, dreams and ambitions out there into the universe to help direct and guide me in my career path.  I've since updated the list of things I want to do/achieve every year and keep a 5 year and 10 year list. (Yes, I like to have 3 lists as my near/mid/far goals) 

December was such an incredibly emotional month for me as I busted my ass getting everything in order to start my own company. December 23rd, ELVN Digital was born (officially.. like legal, business license and all official). I was so emotional! I had no idea that I was going to be such a wreck over it. Like, I cried... everywhere...all day.. I criiiiiieeeeddd! Leaving my attorneys office, I cried. On the phone with my dad, I cried. At the bank, I cried. Sitting by myself on the computer, waterworks running down my face. It was a good cry.. a really really proud moment and happy tears. 

There had been something in the works for a while and I kept my cool with it because it was a pretty damn big deal. A HUGE deal as a matter of fact. One of the first things I would get to do was crossing off TWO things that I said in the same sentence almost twenty years prior. One of my clients I started working with owned Budweiser Beer Park AND I'd get an opportunity to help run the Houston Super Bowl Social Media Command Center!! Budweiser campaign... CHECK! Super Bowl... CHECK! HOLY $H*T! In my first 34 days of business I get to cross these two things off my list that have been near and dear to my heart for almost TWENTY years. 

I showed up today to pick up my credential, meet up with Joe (my biz partner) and met with some of the Super Bowl Host Committee team and seriously cannot believe I get to be here working with one of the biggest brands in sports for one of the biggest events in sports, period.  I have no words. 

After this, I've crushed all the big things I have ever set out to do. What the heck do I write down now?!.............. hummmmm.... I'm coming for ya, JEEP!! 😜

What a wild ride this will be! I'm so incredibly blessed and thankful for my friends, family and community that have been beyond supportive of me on this journey. I cannot be more grateful for the people in my life that have been a part of this journey.